Welcome to Reel Magic!

Reel Magic Podcast

Witchcraft, Paganism and the Supernatural world in in Hollywood

Are you a good witch or bad witch? Or should I say: Are you a Sabrina or a Samantha? Would you rather be at Hogwarts or Brakebills? Before you picked up your crystals and Scott Cunningham in the 90s were you telling bus drivers that you were the weirdo or are you learning hexes from tiktok while you were on your way to Fort Salem? Is your magic practical or has it always been a crucible? Do you love the supernatural … or just supernatural?

Whether you came to witchcraft or a pagan path years ago, or if you’re just beginning a journey into the realm of the occult, esoteric, magical or supernatural, there’s no doubt you have favorite witch or wizard that inspired you on your path. Even if their Hollywood spells weren’t quite the sort of thing you practice yourself, their witchery was in their story.

Welcome to “Reel Magic” the podcast at the crossroads of real witchcraft and Hollywood magic, where paganism and the supernatural meet their reflections in movies and television. And where we talk about what real magical or life lessons we can learn from fictional witches from 100 years of moving pictures.

Each episode we’ll be digging into a different portrayal of magic, witchcraft, the paranormal or paganism in a movie or on television, with special guests to give us direct insights into how and why these celluloid witches and gods of the silver screen reflect, affect, embrace or hurt the actual spirituality and history they are based on.

I’m you host, Jess Mason, a writer and pop culture connoisseur … who also happens to be a practicing witch with opinions on everything, from abracadabra to oz.

Does this sound like a summoning spell you’d like to succumb to, well then come little listener, let us take you away into a land of audio enchantment where we find the real magic behind all the stories we love.

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